Monday, January 3, 2011

Resolutions for this part of my life

I have a list of resolutions for the rest of my life, but as far as Tasty Messes, here goes:

1. Remember the Salt!
2. Branch out from my usual fare.  Find a new website, or cookbook and actually use it.
3. Make stuff ahead of time, and save some of the stress that starts around 3:30pm.
4. Blog more.
5. Find somewhere local to take a class or two in breadmaking or something else related to culinary arts.

There you go.  What are your culinary resolutions this year?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ugh! I resolve to pay better attention, dang it!

I found a french bread recipe a while back that I love.  I swear, at least fifty percent of the time I have made it, I forget about adding the oil and salt at the end.  What you end up with is a barely edible, and then only when dipped in salty something, piece of disappointment.  It makes me so mad!  Why, why do I keep doing this same thing.  Two nights ago I threw a pretty little slice of it across the table when my daughter lovingly teased me "Mom, did you remember the salt?"  I laughed, and then remembered that I had in fact forgotten it.  So much for a nice meal...

It's like I fool myself into thinking I've made it enough times that I can remember what comes next.  The sponging part is still fascinating to me, so I pay attention to that, keep in mind that I have only three cups of flour left, and that's it.  THAT IS NOT IT!  I have three cups of flour to add, and oil, and a full TBSP of salt.

Tonight, I will rally.  I will make the bread, and it will have salt.

The end.