Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'm gonna be published!

Luckily, to be published today just means that I have to be willing to foot the bill and print out a book for myself :-)

I have another project I've been pretty excited about.  In looking for a wedding present that would be personal, I decided to make my new sister-in-law (and my brother, but who am I kidding) a cookbook.  It will hopefully help as they start out.  With easy recipes, everyday dinner type things.  Alas, I couldn't stick with easy.

It will now include:
A Year of Daily Dinner Menus
Baking Tips
Shopping Lists
and My Super Genius Menu Planning Spreadsheet.

Seriously, it's ssssuper Genius!  Every recipe I know, every idea I have for dinner in every category I can think of.  On one page.  Easy to reference, easy to share.  All the rest of the recipes in a good ol' fashioned cook book, with photos, and a cd so you can put them on your computer and copy and print them or change them any way you want.

I'll post some progress pictures as I get it together.  If it sounds like something you'd be interested in getting a copy of, the meal planner or the whole package, let me know.  I'll put you on a list and get some pricing info as I get it.

I'll be printing it out for them in a nice hard copy, but for you I can do hard or soft copy format, or even jus the cd.

I can hardly explain how excited I am!

I have finished the photos, just not the post for the hamburger buns.  Keep staying tuned for that.

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