Saturday, December 5, 2009

My New Best Friend

This year, as usual, my husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas.  Exactly as last year, I told him I wanted a large food processor.  He told me he couldn't get that for me because it's the same as buying me a vacuum for Christmas.  I argued again that cooking is my hobby and a food processor is an expensive toy for that hobby that I couldn't just go out and buy for myself.  Vacuuming is not a hobby, it's a chore.  He said I'd just have to buy one.  So I did.  She's beautiful!

I've only just begun playing with her.  She's so pretty.  We've sliced fruit several times, as Lil' Chef's are amazed (as am I) at how quickly she can slice a whole apple or orange.  We made cornbread batter.  We shredded potatoes for soup.  My Kitchenaid needs to watch her back.  She might be replaced on the countertop soon.  This new beauty works so quickly, and even makes dough.  I am in love.

I have a list of things I want her to try.  First, I think she needs a name.  (Turning now to ask Lil' Chef's what they think.)  We've decided on Gloria.

Gloria's List:
Cookie Dough
Ground Beef (she can grind up a steak in less than 20 seconds.)
Meatballs from freshly ground beef
Bread crumbs
Pizza dough
pie crust
cookie balls

I also told him that I wanted the Hershey's Classic Cookbook that I saw at Costco.  It has over 200 dessert recipes.  He said nothing for cooking is a gift.  I'll be buying that today.

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