Friday, March 4, 2011

Steel Cut Oats

I love oatmeal for breakfast!  When I discovered Steel Cut oats about a year ago, I decided to try it.

If you like oatmeal, this one's for you.  If not, give it a shot, it might change your mind.

Steel cut oats are whole oats, cut, with steel :-) Instead of rolled or instant oats.  They have more vitamins and fiber and are better for your heart than rolled oats.  They keep a "pop" or crunch even after they are cooked and have a much more pleasant texture I think.

Steel Cut Oats with Dried Cranberries and Cinnamon

Here's how:

1 part steel cut oats
2 parts water, milk, or soymilk
a pinch of salt (for 1 cup of oats)
a palm full of dried fruit (again, for 1 cup of oats) (I like raisins and cranberries the best)

Method 1:
Toss it all in a rice cooker, wait for it to signal that it's done (about 20 minutes)

Method 2:
Double the liquid.  Toss it all in a slow-cooker.  Cook overnight (8 hours) and wake up to a warm breakfast.

For both methods, I like to add a little bit of milk in my bowl to make it the right consistency.  I will also add a sprinkling of brown sugar or sliced bananas on top.  If you like this for an every morning breakfast, it actually reheats well if kept sealed in the fridge for several days.  (You can seal it and keep it on the countertop if you don't add fruit or cook with milk.  Keeping oatmeal out on my counter grosses me out though so I opt for the fridge.)

Very healthy, very warm, very easy clean-up in your crock pot if you use a liner.

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