Thursday, January 28, 2010

Shopping Today

Today I went shopping.  About half grocery, half impulse/need for other things.  I bought fabric.  So excited to make a blanket for my soon-to-be new nephew!  Bought enough to make a matching nursing cover I think.

First Walmart:  I always go to Walmart for canned goods unless the grocery stores are having a major sale. Cans of most thing at Wally's are around $.88, even brands like Campbell's, which I prefer to generic soups.  For those of you living in more reasonably priced places than the Bay Area, cans of things like cream o' soup at the regular grocery store are usually closer to $1.50.  Dry goods, cereals, etc. I only buy on sale, so today I didn't pick up any of those.  I also bought a set of cooling racks for cookies.  I have some really old, really small ones and it limits me.  I don't appreciate limits in my kitchen these days.

Second: Costco.  Love Costco.  Wanna Marry it some days.  Yes Hilary, they sell the stuff for Orange chicken, they were even demo'ing it today.  It is delicious and you do need it.  I believe I will no longer be able to survive without it.  Also bought a couple of whole chickens for $.99/lb.  So many options there.  Plus, it gives me a chance to use my new roasting/serving dish from my mother in law.  On a completely unrelated note to groceries, I bought a rather expensive pair of jeans here, expensive by any standard, and am sad to find that even at my pre-baby weight, my waist size is never going to be that small again.  We'll be returning those promptly.

On the menu today, Beef Stew.  Not happening.  Didn't find the right meat at the right price, so I'll be making some other kind of dinner.  Stay right there on the edge of your seat.  I'll fill you in when I've decided what that other kind of dinner will be.

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  1. I hate Walmart, I wish one was closer -- I might shop there more frequently. However, I found most of my cream of soups for about 60 cents recently. Go me. :)
    I will have to check out the chicken. Who knows how that will work with my fabulous new diet. {Boooo}
    AND, you are one of the cutest skinniest people I know. Your new size the right one, whatever it is.