Sunday, January 10, 2010

Three Layer Chocolate Cake

I wanted to make a boxed cake that I bought at Safeway.  Dark Chocolate Mint Cake.  Then hubby asked "could it be made with milk chocolate, instead of dark?"  So I tried to come up with my own, saving the box for a time when I was alone and could enjoy it's decadence by myself.

I used the measurements for liquid on the box, then substituted with a chocolate cake mix from my cupboard (when Target has cake mixes for $.79 I can't help myself.)  Spread onto parchment paper in jellyroll pan, and bake 15 min.  It wasn't very even.  The liquid was less than the box called for, and therefore the mixture was very thick.  Hard to spread evenly.

Still, I cut into three bricks, the short length of the pan, and cooled.  I made chocolate icing from my Hershey cookbook and topped with Andes Mint pieces.  Yum!

Once again, I couldn't get to my camera before hubby took a test bite (or three.)

What to change:
1. More careful about spreading mix evenly before baking.  Would have laid out more nicely.
2. Just use the box, it came with everything, and hubby really wouldn't have noticed
3. Keep camera handy so he can't bite into the corner before I get a good picture

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