Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesday Menu

Thursday - Beef Stew and homemade rolls
Friday - Orange Chicken w/ rice (Costco sells Panda Express orange sauce)
Saturday - Chicken dinner (since I never got around to it last week)
Sunday - Chicken & Dumplings w/ extra chicken from Saturday
Monday - Tostada Pizza w/ shredded beef
Tuesday - Chili from scratch (dried beans and all) w/ Easy Cheese Bread
Wednesday - Leftovers or Pasta and fruit salad

Goals for this week: serve one fruit and one vegetable with every meal

Last week synopsis: Broccoli Cheese soup ended up being potato cheese soup with broccoli and chicken.  Pretty tasty!  I'll write down the recipe and store that in my brain for later.  Chicken dinner didn't happen.  We added an activity for the girls on that night, and ended up making quick breakfast burritos instead.  Made sour cream chicken enchiladas instead of trying the new recipe on Monday.  Forgot to start the chicken in the slow cooker in time.  Dinner with friends was great on Sunday, although the meat was probably under-done and we'll have to get a good thermometer for next time.  Good friends as they are, they didn't complain.  Using leftover dough from Sunday's rolls to make cinnamon rolls to eat during the basketball game tonight.  Mmm...

Basically, I wasn't nearly as prepared as I should have been and didn't check my menu every day so I would have things ready when I needed them.  This week I'll do tons better!

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  1. Wait. Costco sells the stuff to make orange chicken with? Do I need this? Is it delicious? Maybe I should jsut make my own. I love how you're doing it, and being honest with how hard it is to stick with a plan. :)