Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Menu Wednesday

We're Scottish around here, at least my husband is, and therefore so are his children.  No green dinners on St. Patty's day for us.  Though the lil' chef did wear a green skirt to school today for fear of being pinched, or worse (what's worse?) if she didn't.

In the spirit of not being Irish, our menu starts out with a favorite Scottish dish:

Thursday - Mince & Totties
Friday - Chinese Chicken Salad (It's just so fresh and crisp outside.  Time for lighter dishes.)
Saturday - Pizza (been on the menu several times lately, and has managed to elude us still.)
Sunday - Beef Stew
Monday - Pineapple enchiladas
Tuesday - Tortellini
Wednesday - Biscuits and Gravy (one more time before summer hits and it's just too heavy.)

Recap last week:
Thursday's beef stew, ended up being chili.  I didn't get a chance to go shopping, and in an effort to find something else that simmered in a pot and used beef, I made a quick chili.  Yummy as always.  Friday's Thai Peanut chicken was good, only I still hadn't gone shopping so it included the last few carrots I had in the fridge and no snap peas (which really can make or break the meal.)  A good hearty meal for sure, but lacking in the color and variety arenas.  Saturday instead of chicken pot pies, we ended up ordering Thai food from a place nearby.  It was delicious.  If you haven't tried Thai, or at least not recently, I recommend this detour from your normal routine.  The yellow curry with sticky rice and chicken is an easy favorite.  Baked potatoes didn't happen yesterday because it was warm outside and we went for a walk while I forgot about doing anything productive.  Today's pizza sticks are a maybe.  Depends on whether I can muster up the strength to get the dough rising in the next five minutes.  The chicken enchiladas were delicious if you ask me, but if you ask my husband not so much.  I included all the wonderful tatsy things he hates.

I'm not mean, I just didn't think he was going to make it home in time to have dinner with us, so I made it my way.  He was home in time and suffered through it for me.

What's on your menu for tonight?  Surely you have time to include the name of your dinner dish in a comment.  How do I have six devoted followers now (I'm sure you are devoted) who don't comment?

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  1. Here you go Angi...our menu this week included saucy pork chops with mashed potatoes, 2-step sweet and tangy chicken, BBQ cups, crockpot chicken enchiladas, steaks, chicken parmesan, and tacos/burritos. They are all favorites in our household and can be seen on our menu more often than others. If you would like to try any, let me know.