Friday, February 26, 2010

Chicken Dumpling Soup

I used a new recipe, which posted a link to on my Menu post Wednesday.  Really I only used the recipe for the dumplings, and made my own soup.  I rate it 2.5 out of 5.  The dumplings were gross and soggy.  Sorry Bobby Flay, but in this throw down, I win. My usual dumplings are much better.  Although the addition of nutmeg to the batter was surprisingly good.  I thought it would taste funny but I liked it.  I'll add that to mine next time.

To make the soup, I first did what I said I would, and roasted a chicken in the crock pot for about 5 1/2 hours.  This made a very tasty chicken.  I found a major problem with this method though.  The chicken was so "fall off the bone" cooked, that I spent nearly twenty-five minutes searching through the colander (where I had poured the chicken so the stock would go in the pot, but the bones would not) for bones.  I didn't get them all, I just gave up when my husband got home and dinner wasn't ready and my idea for a quick and simple meal had flown itself out of the window.  I took some of the stock from the crock-potted chicken, added a little more water and spices, and assembled a soup.  The dumplings were easy enough to make, but I'll say again, I don't recommend them.

I usually make dumplings by using a homemade biscuit dough, sans the kneading, and drop it in by the large spoonful.  Much tastier.

There's a small fat man sitting on my lap and screaming in a most unpleasant way, so now I'll retire for the evening and see how the Hawaiian Haystacks turn out.  The gravy is slow cooking downstairs...

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