Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Today I made Mince & Totties.  That's Scottish for mashed potatoes and ground beef gravy, with a side of peas.  It got me to thinking.  Somewhere, on some unknown afternoon a long time ago a Scottish woman had three things left in her pantry, and decided to make dinner out of them.  She used up those potatoes and maybe overboiled them and decided to mash them.  Added a little starch to her minced meat, and some color with the peas.  Now it's traditional Scottish comfort food.  Her kids made it for their kids, and now no one is left who could tell you where it started.

I wonder if there will be any legacy I leave that touches that many people.  I wonder if my legacy might be a little more noteworthy than an inexpensive dinner combo.  Will there be something I do or say that my kids pass on and credit to me because I was just always that cool?

What do you remember from your Mom?  My mom made grits.  My mom can sew anything.  My mom's food always tastes better than anyone else's mom's food.

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