Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Six Pack Abs

Before long folks, I'm going to have a six pack like that lady in the bowflex commercials.  I know this because I always get what I want --- (sorry, just choked myself with laughter.) ---  I've been challenged by this amazingly handsome man I know, to beat him to a six pack.  I believe that the odds are stacked against him already.  You see, I have the upperhand here, I have already stretched my abs to the extent that they can be stretched, shrunken them down to where my mid-section looks like a giant-previously-full-now-deflated-balloon, and done it again, two more times.  I've got definition on my abs no man can match.  My only goal really is to change the pattern from resembling an abstract Sun, to a washboard.  Shouldn't be too hard, I've actually washed clothes on a washboard, so I know what it's meant to look like.  Plus, he's only been going to the gym five days a week for the last several years.  I've been running up and down the stairs several times ALL day, and chasing toddlers for at least 6 years.  I win.

How does this fit into my food blog?  Well, I've heard it said that a lot of looking physically fit, actually has to do with your diet.  Go figure.  Something about consuming fewer calories than you expend, replacing fat with protein and complete carbohydrates, etc.  I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DO THAT!  I like to eat food that tastes good.  Finding anything to eat during my day is challenging enough.  Finding food to eat, at regular intervals, feeling full, and eliminating all cra* from my fridge is going to be really hard.  After only one day of making a real effort, I feel hungry, cranky and unfulfilled.  Any advice?  Is this even possible?  Should I just say I'm nearly thirty (yes, I'm incredibly young) and my time has passed?

I did, however, work out for an hour today and I feel rather pleased with that.  Now I'm starved!

Help!  I have to make a new dinner menu tomorrow and I have no ideas besides salad without dressing, fish and lemon juice, and celery sticks.

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  1. I'm doing weight watchers. The only way I've found to encoporate it is to eat really small breakfast and lunches and then a moderate dinner, always watching dinner portions. My kids don't want to eat super low fat. Go figure.
    Good luck! :)