Friday, November 20, 2009

Egg Drop Soup - Not a Hit

A friend made me some vegetable spring rolls a while back and I wanted to use them for a meal.  I decided spring rolls would go well with egg drop soup.  I got a recipe out that I've used once before and the Lil' Chef's wanted to help.

First, the spring rolls had to be fried.  I just put about half an inch of vegetable oil in a frying pan on lowish heat.  They were frozen, so I didn't want them to burn.  I let those fry, turning every now and then, while I made the soup.  We dipped them in Sweet and Sour sauce from a bottle I bought at the grocery store.

4 cups chicken broth
1/8 tsp. ground ginger
2 eggs plus one extra egg yolk

Scramble eggs and yolk, set aside.  Combine other ingredients in pot.  Bring to slight boil.  Using your third hand (this is where Lil' Chef got to help) stir while pouring egg through a fork.  Keep stirring until it's all used.  Egg should cook immediately.

This meal didn't go over well.  The soup was good.  The spring rolls were not the best.  Something seemed off about having freshly picked green beans in a spring roll.  My friend will teach me how to roll them soon, and I think I'll use carrots and cabbage and maybe some thinly sliced beef.

The Lil' Chef's were not in a good mood.  One was too tired to eat anything, the other one didn't like the idea of eggs in soup.

What to change:
1. Some other filling for spring rolls. No green beans.
2. Less egg in the soup.  It was tasty, but a little to eggy.  Plus a few chopped carrots and celery would probably have been yummy.
3. Don't tell Lil' Chef's what's in it, if it might be something too unusual for them to process.  Taste first, explain later.  Kinda like fast food.

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