Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ok Chili

There's a restaurant near by our house called OK Chinese Food.  Hubby and I have never been adventurous enough to try it out.  If the owners don't even toot their own horns, we figure it's not worth our time.  Dinner last night was kinda like that.

Menu Item: Chili and Cornbread

Cornbread didn't happen.  I ended up babysitting last minute for a friend, and I don't like to have my oven on when there are lots of little ones running around.

Chili was simple:
1 lb. ground beef
1 packet Chili seasoning from McCormick
1 Can kidney beans, drained
1 can chili beans, drained
1 can prepared chili
1 can tomato sauce

Brown beef, drain.  Return to pot and add seasoning and canned foods.  Stir and heat through for at least 15 minutes to let flavors blend.

Usually I've made this with my own seasonings.  A little garlic, a little onion powder, some chili powder, salt and pepper.  I saw the seasoning packet at Safeway and thought I'd give it a try.  Not bad, not great.

Next time I'll stick with my own seasonings to taste.

Served with cheese and sour cream.  Everyone finished and was full.  That's the point.

What I learned:
1. Shortcuts save on time and usually skimp on flavor
2. I need to recycle more, all those cans just don't look right in the trash.

Gave some extra chili to a friend who had already made baked potatoes.  I wished I'd done that too, but again, it would have required using my oven so it probably wasn't going to happen anyway.

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  1. Thank you so much for babysitting and sharing your chili! You didn't mention that it was the same friend, you really helped me out. That chili was awesome too, as soon as I took a bite I knew I'd ask how you made it. I've tried making chili a few times and always tried to be too creative so it never tasted right and I loved yours, so if this is your "OK Chili" sign me up for instructions on your homemade. I liked your thoughts on OK Chinese, really people.