Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Menu Wednesday

My menu starts on Thursday, because that's when I shop for fresh food.

Thursday - Chili and Cornbread
Friday - Egg drop soup (a favorite for Lil' Chefs to help with) and spring rolls (from a friend)
Saturday - Brown Sugar Salmon and roasted potatoes
Sunday - BBQ Beef Brisket
Monday - Navajo Tacos with meat from Sunday
Tuesday - out of town for Thanksgiving, no cooking for me till Friday
Wednesday - still out of town, baking rolls for family dinner tomorrow

Wish me luck.  Shopping should be easy this week.  Beans for chilis, sweet & sour chicken from TJ's, a brisket and a new bag of frozen salmon from Costco.  Of course lots of fruits and veg.  Gotta get those vitamins to keep away the winter bugs.

It's late, Dude's asleep, now it's my turn.

1 comment:

  1. Having a plan totally works for me. I highly recommend it. Now if the little Mister will asisst you in your evil plot. :)